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West Texas

Legislative Summit

Energy - 2014


This year's WTLS was outstanding.  The topics that the various panel groups covered were diverse, seemingly unattached at times, yet vital both for the lifeblood of the energy boom and the communities it is affecting.  Christian Reporter News was pleased to be able to video each of the 8 sessions to share with you the information that was given at this event.  


Below you will find each of the 8 topics.  The shockingly HUGE panel discussion sprang out of the Health & Public Safety panel, which even brought Devon Oil to the microphone.  I encourage you to listen to each one.  This material will be available for a while, so take your time - no rush.


Welcome &

Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems

Water Issues - Regulatory

Recycling, Reuse & Results

Economic Impact &


Energy Impact on Health

and Public Safety

Energy Issue Overview

Drilling, Permitting & Industry Insights


How & It's Impact

Chancellor John Sharp

Texas A & M University System

Energy Impact on Government

Services & Workforce

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