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West Texas Family & Education Expo

West Texas Family and Education Expo 

June 6th & 7th, 2014

McNease Convention Center

Providing Educational Resources for Families, Educators and Home Schoolers


About our Event:

The West Texas Family and Education Expo is a Two-Day Community Event Providing Educational Resources for Families, Educators and Home Schoolers. Making this an outing you and your family will enjoy; with educational workshops, kid-friendly activities, door prizes and representatives from over 30 local and regional exhibitors showcasing books, science supplies, home school curriculum, and more. This is a central marketplace that offers information, services and products for families. 


Workshops just to name a few include:
Raising your children for Spiritual, Emotional, and Financial Success
How to Transition from your child from Public school to Private or Home school
Food Allergies
Birth Doula: The Purpose and Value of Labor Support
First Aid Skills Every Parent Should Know
How to raise a child with dyslexia -by JPW Learning Center
Texas Home School Law and how to Start Home Schooling

Expo will run from 9am - 5pm on Friday and Saturday.


Friday June 6th,
Dinner with Dr. Leaf
Dinner Tickets must be purchased by June 1

Why do men need space at the end of the day? Why do women need to express themselves? Want to improve your relationships with your spouses, parents, children, bosses, family members, and friends? Relating with members of the opposite sex can be frustrating and difficult - but it doesn't have be. Dr. Caroline Leaf shows how men and women have been created to complement one another through their own unique strengths.

Dr. Leaf points out that men and women are meant to complement each other. No one gender is better than the other. The important thing is to be there for each other in their needs.  This evening can help you to recognize and understand each other more fully. Your relationships will vastly improve if these principles are set into place!

In addition to all the interesting exhibits, we are providing some great opportunities everyone.
Here’s a taste:


  • Keynote Speaker is Dr. Caroline Leaf.                                                                                                                                    Dr. Leaf has written the Best Seller books: Switch On Your Brian, The Gift in you, Who Switched Off Your Brain and Who Switched off My Brain. Dr. Leaf's passion and interests lie in the science of thought and in helping people to think. She illustrates the revolutionary link between brain science and God's purpose for each one of us so we understand and use their brain properly and live healthier detoxed lives. She will present her 5 step learning process that has shown to increase student performance between 35 -75%. Dr. Leaf will be speaking four times during this two day event.    

  • Join us for dinner with Dr. Caroline Leaf on Friday June 6th at 6:00pm.                                                                             Dr. Leaf will be speaking after dinner on her best-selling book, Who Switched Off My Brain: Solving the Mystery of He Said/She Said

  • Relating with members of the opposite sex can be frustrating and difficult - but it doesn’t have to be. Dr. Caroline Leaf shows how men and women have been created to complement one another through their own unique strengths. Men and women are not the same - we don’t think the same, talk the same or act the same. These differences aren’t a result of our environments and our upbringing - they’re built in by design.

  • Don’t miss this chance to understand the often mysterious behavior of the opposite sex and practical tips that will quickly improve your relationships. Dinner tickets are $25 per person.  Email for more information. (no child care available)

  • On Friday, we offer a FREE Ladies Tea.                                                                                                                              Ladies are invited to come and enjoy tea, snacks and fellowship. Guest speaker is Dara Halydier from Abiding Truth Ministry. Dara will speak on Raising Exceptional Children: Geniuses to Those with Learning disabilities. Seating is limited.

  • The Little Girls Tea is very popular for girl’s ages 5 to 11yrs.                                                                                            Girls come dressed to impress with hats, gloves and feathers boas! Girls will enjoy snacks, crafts and learn how clothes have changed since Victorian times compared to how we dress today, the main objective is show girls how to dress appropriately in today’s world.Tickets are $5, space is limited; tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door until full.

  • Boy’s ages 8 to 11yrs will work with Civil Air Patrol and learn how to be part of the action by learning new skills and helping others.  Tickets are $5, space is limited; tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door until full.

  • Teens 12 and up can participate in iObject, a Federal Grand Jury Simulation; presented by Generation Joshua.      The Generation Joshua iObject program is a two day program that puts participants on the front lines of the judicial system, allowing them to actually see the evidence that is used to bring people to trial, and the difficulties that face a system of justice. Students get to question witnesses, examine evidence and learn what is and is not allowed in testimony while working to solve a perplexing murder from the 1930's. Tickets are $25 (price includes both days), space is limited; tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door until full.

  • On Saturday parents can shop and go to workshops while kids are entertained at our children’s program.     Children 5 -11yrs can participate in educational hands on projects for different learning opportunities throughout the day. Morning and afternoon session available.Parents will need to pick kids up during the lunch hour.

  • The afternoon session will show case the Texas A&M Chemistry Road Show. - Your kids won’t want to miss this!      A 70 minute chemistry show where things blow up, glow in the dark...and much more! The Chemistry Road Show is a public service program with two complementary and interlocking goals: to ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE students using chemistry.

  • Children Program Tickets are $5 all day pass
    Space is limited; tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door until full.  You don’t want to miss an event like this!


  • For more information visit our website at:

  • Expo Admission - Adults two day pass $12; one day pass $8                            
                     Kids under 18yrs. - FREE   Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door.
    Tickets will be available at the convention center box office and their outlets.
    Concessions will be available throughout both days.


Tickets can be purchased at the Convention Center or by phone 325-658-6464, 8-5 M - F
or at the following outlets:
Blair’s Western Wear
Pinkie's Liquor
Barbed Wire & Roses
Goodfellow Air Force Base


About Dr. Leaf


Dr. Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology. Since the early 1980‘s she has studied and researched  the Mind-Brain connection.  During her  years in clinical practice as a Communication  Pathologist she developed tools and processes that has transformed the lives of  patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and released the potential thousands of young students and adults.  


She has presented her unique Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® and the Metacognitive-Map™ learning tool to more than 100,000 students worldwide.


She developed the Geodesic Learning™ theory (brain-compatible learning) that has been conservatively shown to increase academic performance by 35-75%. This revolutionary theory explains the Science of Thought, stating that everything you do is first a thought in the you physical brain. You think, and then you do, which cycles back to the original thought, changing it, and the thoughts connected to it, in a dynamic interrelationship. Therefore if your thinking is toxic, then your communications and actions are toxic, and vice versa.

She has published articles in academic journals and consumer magazines and has been widely interviewed in newspapers, on radio shows, and on television shows about her research and theories.

She frequently lectures to both Christian and secular audiences worldwide, linking scientific principles of the brain to intellectual and emotional issues in simple and practical ways. She speaks on diverse topics relating to optimal brain performance, including:

  1. Thinking and learning

  2. Controlling your thought life

  3. Managing stress

  4. Eradicating toxic thoughts

  5. Overcoming mental, emotional, and spiritual strongholds

  6. Understanding male and female brain differences

  7. Applying wisdom

  8. Identifying your unique gifts



University of Cape Town South Africa Degree of Bachelor of Science (Logopaedics)- Dec 13th 1985
University of Pretoria South Africa
Masters in Speech Therapy AND Audiology with distinction/cum laude- June 9th 1990
University of Pretoria South Africa
Doctor Philosophiae with specialization in Communication Pathology With distinction/cum laude and academic honors- May 9th 1997
Switch On Your Brain® and Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® are registered trademarks of Switch On Your Brain International, LLC.

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