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Kat Rowoldt proudly sponsors the Texas Business Women page!


Texas Business Women of San Angelo

The Voice of Working Women
Women helping women in San Angelo since 1923!

TBW's Mission​
To achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education and information.  If you are a working woman, a manager, a professional, a sales person, an office worker, a woman in a non-traditional job, or a young woman entering the workforce, you should be an active member of TBW.  If you're interested in networking, learning new skills, growing personally or professionally, or becoming a leader in a state organization, you should be an active member of TBW.


​VISION: To be the leading resource to empower women to succeed.

MISSION STATEMENT: Texas Business Women is a state organization who mission is to provide resources for leadership, networking, and advocacy empowering women to succeed personally and professionally.

We have a proud and strong history and legacy of Women helping Women.  Our programs include a Leadership Institute, Personal Development that focuses on public speaking, and Young Women's Connection for women 18-36. 

Texas Business Women, Inc.
P.O. Box 70
Round Rock, TX  78680

Phone (877) 225-4TBW



The San Angelo Club was originally organized as San Angelo Business and Professional Women's Club, May 25, 1923, by Mrs. Ruth Mathews Stein of Amarillo and Mrs. Brown F. Lee.  The club was chartered with 20 members and Mrs. Sadie Boulware, postmistress, was elected the first President.

From 1923 to the present, the years have been filled with records of accomplishments that have helped to make San Angelo a better place to live and work.  PROJECTS SUPPORTED BY BPW HAVE INCLUDED: Take Our Youth to Work, BPW Individual Development Program, Christmas at Old Fort Concho, Concho Valley Home for Girls, Institute for Cognitive Development, breast cancer awareness activities, Adopt-a-Spot and many others.

Early efforts to provide assistance to women in pursuing higher education resulted in establishing an Educational Load Fund in 1938.  In 1952 this fund became a scholarship fund for local student nurses in the Shannon School of Nursing.  Today, it is known as the Ida Gerber Memorial Scholarship fund.  Yearly scholarships are given.

In July 2009 our name was changed to Texas Business Women of San Angelo.

Programs covering timely subjects, public speaking through Personal Development, and other self-improvement opportunities are offered each year.

The Texas Business Women of San Angelo is affiliated with the Texas Business Women, Inc.  The club is non-sectarian, non-partisan and non-profit.

TBWs membership reflects the rich diversity of the state's working women.  It is an organization that attracts people of every age, religion, political persuasion and socio-economic background - an organization whose diversity is superseded only by its unity of purpose.

All TBW members openly subscribe to the following:

•To elevate the standards for women in business and the professions

  • To promote the interests of business and professional women
  • To bring about a spirit of cooperation among business and professional women in the United States

•To extend opportunities to business and professional women through education, scientific, and vocational activities.


​Contacts, Networking, and Publications:
TBW provides some of the best contacts you can make.  Members come from all occupations and, through TBW, build valuable networks with the other leaders.  The National Business Woman and Texas Woman Magazines, and local organization newsletter, help keep working women up-to-date.

Personal and Professional Development:
TBW offers a range of skill-building seminars and workshops to meet the needs of working women - from entry-level career training to leadership and entrepreneurial development programs and training as well as building coalitions at the state and local levels.


  • Build a legacy for future generations 
  • Discover your leadership potential
  • Exercise non-partisan political clout
  • Develop your personal image
  • Network with movers and shakers
  • Strengthen your marketable skills
  • Enhance your career opportunities
  • Promote workplace equity
  • Select a flexible involvement level

TO JOIN - go to:​


Celebrating 90 Years of Service!

Texas Business Women of San Angelo recently celebrated their 90th anniversary at Bentwood Country Club.  Check out the wonderful event and an article about the highlight of the evening HERE!


Women Through the Years!



2nd Thursday of the Month

5:30 Networking

6:00 Meeting

Peppercorn Grill

Speaker at every Dinner Meeting!


4th Tuesday of the Month

12:00 Noon

Peppercorn Grill

Opportunity to Share a 

2 Minute Commercial

about yourself and your business!

FMI: Mary Blakeley 325-212-8791

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