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These Fine Folks Are Giving Their Financial Support to This Project!


Join Them!


Sarah Meador Lipsett

Dr. Alan & Sarah Hardwicke


2015 brings with it the 84th Legislative Session, opening January 13th.  Texas has so many critical issues facing it, and our elected officials hold in their hands the power to determine our State's future.  Pressures from countless lobbyists, special interest groups, and national mandates twist the reality and perspectives on issues. Which way to go, what is the better choice, and how will they vote awaits us to see.  


This session we will be covering our elected officials in Austin.  Our intent is to bring you a firsthand look at the issues they are weighing, interviewing them as they decide which way to go, and even introduce you potentially to some of the lobbyists, citizen activists, and staffers that walk the halls of the Capitol throughout the session. 


We will be following several bills as they work their way through the process of becoming law. We will look at the pro and con of issues and try to understand the various perspectives.  When the vote finally comes, we will share how our elected officials voted on the bills.  


Along the way we will show you how you too can track bills, to verify how your elected officials voted on the issues, and even how to let them know how you would like for them to vote.  While there are way too many bills to follow them all, we will track a few key ones and alert you to some "funky" ones you might want to follow. 


San Angelo's elected officials are Senator Charles Perry representing Senatorial District 28 and Representative Drew Darby representing District 72.  Senatorial District 28 covers basically the Lubbock to San Angelo area.  Perry's district encompasses 12 smaller Representative Districts, such as District 72.  We plan to meet each of the 12 Representatives and cover them as well because they make up the heart of west and northwest Texas and that impacts us. 


In looking at the state map, we discovered that we could simply add 3 more people to follow and we would reach to the state borders above Amarillo and along the New Mexico side.  Senate District 31 will accomplish this.  So one more Senator and two Representatives have been added to our watch.  This is a big assignment!


This is opening week of the 84th Session and we will be down there, on the floor, as they kick this off and the House votes for their new Speaker of the House for this Session.  We have been approved for our Capitol Press Credentials, so we will have full access to our elected officials. 


Join us as we begin this incredible new experience!

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