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Sarah Meador Lipsett

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Charlotte Farmer

Pol. Adv. Campaign for Charlotte Farmer, Ginger Olsen, Treasurer


Something Was Birthed...


A handful of concerned citizens had an idea to bring Pastors together from across the county to hear a few key people who could empower them to take back their pulpits and as our forefathers long ago once did, openly discuss the issues of today.  It must have been a God idea!  The Pastors & Politics Breakfast was a huge success and has been requested to continue every 3-4 months.


The video of our first event is above.  Our 2 hour long event is already being tweaked and restructured for the next event.  We will be doing a 4 hour long seminar on a Saturday, date to be announced soon.  Stay tuned for more details.  We are looking for a larger venue and plan to make the next event a multi-county event, inviting Pastors from the lower third of District 28.


We are so grateful to Senator Charles Perry, Justice Jim Moseley and Mr. Allen Adkins for their valuable contributions to this initial event.  We look forward to having each of them back at future events.


I'd like to thank my team for their hard work and contributions to making this event such a success:  John Stone (who tossed out the original thought), Ken & Mary Casper, Al Rees, Deborah Bailey, Vera Kirkpatrick, Chris Younts, and many others.  Also to Barbara Boone for her incredible a capella version of the National Anthem and Pastor Todd Nelson of the The Life Church for opening us in prayer.  Special thanks to Senator Charles Perry for closing us in prayer as well.

A Conservative Small Business Owner

Allen Adkins

John & Patsy Stone

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