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Mosaic in San Angelo

5191 S Bryant

San Angelo, Texas  76904


"Discover the Possibilities"

Lunch & Tour

12:00 Noon - 1:00 p.m.


To be posted ASAP

Give Janet Ridgway a call and let her know what date you would like to come to a FREE lunch and learn about the services that Mosaic provides for our community!


These are items that would be a blessing to Mosaic if you could provide them for Mosaic.

#1 Volunteers

Hand held shower heads

Riding Scholarships

Kitchen Items

Hygeine Items

Living Room Furniture

Tablet Computers (for nurses)

Double Stroller (for daycare)

Puzzles, Art Supplies, Crafts

Household Items &

Paper Goods

One of many stories....

Lois Ann had two families, her birth family and her Mosaic family. Both families have happy memories of Lois and feel the pain of her loss.

Brenda G. Smith, Lois’ sister, recently wrote to Mosaic to thank us for the care that was given to Lois throughout her long stay with us.


“Just wanted to share with you all my sincere thanks for the many years of services and care that was provided. to Lois. I had a number of opportunities to move her closer and in other group homes but I felt that she was where she needed to be and she would be cared for there and treated with respect and dignity. You all should be commended for providing such services to this population.”​


As one of the original residents of Mosaic in San Angelo, she held a special place in the hearts of so many of the Staff. “She just was always so happy, and you can’t say that about many people” remembers Maxine Parish, her caseworker. “She was just the light of the home. She loved babies, so when she came and saw the babies in the day care center, she always had a hug for them. She changed the lives of some of the people that she lived with. Some of them came and had a negative attitude, but living with Lois and seeing her happy all of the time really brought them around” says Maxine.

Maxine also wanted to be sure that the staff that cared for Lois was recognized because of the loving care that they provided. Patty Rowden, Lois’s Mosaic nurse, took extra care during the end of her life to coordinate care through hospice and to keep Lois as comfortable as possible. Brenda remembered Patty specifically in her letter:
“Words can never express the love I have in my heart for you, Patty, and all of the staff. You were Lois’ family and I will never forget the care that was shown to her during her long stay at Mosaic. Thanks, thanks, thanks.”​

Lois loved to write notes, and though you couldn’t read them, they were her message of encouragement to others. It must be a family trait, to write letters of thanks and encouragement, and we appreciate Brenda’s letter to our staff. Brenda ended her letter to Mosaic with this:

"You all provide a remarkable service to people with disabilities and I do appreciate everything each of you individually did for Lois. I could name names, but in fear of leaving someone out, just say thanks to all of the staff and residents at the home. Each of you made a special impact in Lois’ life. You will always be in my memory and I give thanks to God each day for allowing me the opportunity to know you. Keep providing the service that you do in the group home. Your facility is like no other that I have seen.”

Our thanks to Brenda, and the rest of Lois’ family, for allowing her to be a part of our Mosaic family.

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