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Mission Statement:  The mission of Hospice of San Angelo is to ensure peace, dignity and comfort to all those with a life limiting illness.

Bereavement Services:  Grief work is the process of dealing with emotions and situations caused by illness or death, as well as the impact of the loss as it affects mind, body and spirit. Individual group bereavement counseling by trained professionals is provided free of charge to help individuals and families work through the grief experience. Everyone grieves differently, but no one needs to grieve alone. The pain is lightened, the loss is more bearable and healing begins when people have the opportunity to talk about their grief and hear others who share similar experiences.


Bereavement Groups:

Adult Support:

Caring Hearts Group

Held Every Wednesday @ 1PM at the Landy House (14 S. Jefferson)

Hands Together Support Group

2nd and  4th Tuesdays @ 5:30PM at the Landy House

Walk Through It (Mall Walking Support Group)
Every Thursday @ 8:30AM at the Food Court in the Sunset Mall


For Men Only: Coffee and Conversation
1st Tuesday of each month @ 8:15AM at the Mesquite Bean Café in the 
Cactus Hotel (36 E. Twohig)


Individual Bereavement Counciling:
For children and adults with professionally trained bereavement counselors:


Support Group Luncheon:
Monthly event for fun, food and fellowship on the 3rd Tuesday @ 11:30AM at different San Angelo Restaurants.


Building Bridges:
Building Bridges is a unique support group for children and their families who have experienced loss through the death of someone significant in their lives. Trained staff and volunteers provide opportunities to recognize and express feelings in an environment that offers emotional support, validation, and encouragement to grieving children and their families. With Building Bridges as support, children can come together to share the experience of life.


Two 6 week sessions are offered each year for children grades K-12. There is no charge to attend and the program is open to anyone in the community.

Pathways San Angelo: (our newest program)

Pathways fills a gap in the medical world through education and planning. We offer support to alleviate stress and anxiety. The Pathways facilitator provides life-enhancing education and support on a variety of topics. After your introductory meeting, we will tailor a program that best fits your needs. The number of sessions varies depending on your needs and direction.

For more information feel free to call 325-486-2245.
We also have monthly fliers and seasonal newsletters we send out. Contact the main office to be added to the mailing list.

Hospice of San Angelo was founded in 1987as a non-profit corporation organized to specifically support the mission of Hospice of San Angelo.

Hospice of San Angelo provides a special concept of care for the terminally ill in the comfort of their own home, as well as other support services to the community.

HOSA receives financial assistance from the Hospice of San Angelo Foundation to provide care and support to patients and their families through programs that enhance quality of life.

Please consider the Hospice of San Angelo Foundation in your planned giving. Charitable contributions through individual and family gifts, real estate, securities, mineral interest and estate planning bequests will assure that Hospice of San Angelo can continue to serve our community through the loving care of the terminally ill and their families.

The Hospice of San Angelo Foundation, INC. was organized for charitable purposes only and is a 501(c)3 organization. In the event Hospice of San Angelo, Inc. ceases to exist, this Foundation will support other non-profit organizations located in Tom Green County, Texas.

Hospice volunteers make a difference….

If you’re seeking a way to make a difference in your community,

volunteering at Hospice of San Angelo is the perfect place to do it:
—whatever your education, skill, or area of interest.
—whenever you have time: during the day, after work, on the weekends.


As a Volunteer for Hospice of San Angelo, you can.…

Hold a hand. Drive a car. Use a computer. Plan a golf tournament.

Address envelopes. Feed a pet. Bake a cake. Listen to cherished memories.

Pat a shoulder. Give a hug. Touch a heart. Change a life (maybe your own).


If you are interested in becoming a Hospice of San Angelo Volunteer,

please contact our office.


P.O. Box 471, San Angelo, Texas, 76902


Hospice of San Angelo, Inc.

36 E Twohig, Suite 1100

San Angelo, Texas  76903


Is It Time For Hospice Care?

At Hospice of San Angelo, we are often told by our patients and families that they wish they had known about us sooner. Hospice care is a choice that is reversible. Should you or your loved one decide during the course of treatment that hospice care is not for you, you may withdraw from services at any time. Many verbalize that they don't know how they managed without us. Read on to learn more about hospice care and if it may be an appropriate care alternative for you or your loved one.

General Guidelines include:
• Dependence in most Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
• A recent decline in functional status/physical decline
• Recent decline in nutritional status with progressive, unintentional weight loss
• Multiple diseases or conditions
• Increased frequency of visits to ER / hospitalizations


Common Hospice Diagnoses And Guidelines For Admission

• No longer seeking curative treatment and meets general guidelines for hospice admission
• Mets to multiple sites

Heart Failure
• Class IV/Stage D heart failure
• Cardiac symptoms at rest
• Recurrent hospitalizations/ER visits
• Not a candidate for heart surgery
• Optimally treated with beta blockers and diuretics

• Dependence for most ADLs
• Decline in nutritional status with weight loss
• Dysphagia with inability to take in adequate nutrition and no feeding tube planned

• Dyspnea at rest
• Poor response to bronchodilators
• Recurrent pulmonary infections / hospitalizations
• O2 sat of <88% without O2 or other evidence of severe oxygen de-saturation without O2
• Bed to Chair existence/poor activity tolerance

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
• Unable to walk, needs assistance with ADLs
• Barely intelligible speech
• Difficulty swallowing
• Weight loss
• Significant dyspnea
• Co-morbidities of pneumonia, URI


Renal Failure
• Has discontinued dialysis
• Creatinine clearance <10cc/min (<15cc/min for diabetes)
• Serum creatinine <8.0 mg/dl (<6.0mg/dl for diabetes)
• Co-morbid conditions and/or signs and symptoms of renal failure


Liver Disease
• Ascites despite use of diuretics
• Peritonitis
• Hepatorenal Syndrome
• Serum albumin <2.5 or INR>1.5
• Recurrent variceal bleeding


Failure to Thrive/General Debility
• Increasing need for help with ADLs
• Steady weight loss
• Co-morbidities/secondary conditions
• BMI <22 for Adult failure to thrive


• Steady weight loss and/or
• Needs help for all ADLs
• Incontinence
• Speaks few intelligible words
• Needs help to sit up and hold up head


• CD4+ count <25 cells/mcL or persistent viral load>100,000 copies/ml
• Secondary conditions
• Dependence for most ADLs

If you have any questions or concerns about whether Hospice of San Angelo may be right for you, please call us at 325-658-6524 and let us help you make an informed choice.

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