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Connecting Waiting Children with Adoptive Families!

Heart Gallery

Beautiful children!  Are you supposed to be a part of someone's destiny - their purpose?  Take a moment and see if that missing part to your family is waiting for you here.  There may be a reason you stopped by today...  

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Heart Gallery of Northwest Texas exists to connect children who are available for adoption, due to abuse or neglect, with loving families who are interested in adoption.

1,174 children are currently in Foster Care in Northwest Texas.  They need your helpyour voiceyour time…and your talents.

Heart Gallery of Northwest Texas is a traveling portrait collection.  Photographers give their talents to capture the hearts of our children who have entered the care of Child Protective Services.  Volunteers give their time and their voices to display these portraits at events, businesses, churches, and organizations.  Our mission is to help connect waiting children with adoptive parents.  There are currently 51 children waiting for adoption* in Tom Green County alone.

* ”Waiting for adoption” means children who are legally free for adoption and not yet in the intended permanent placement.

Heart Galleries work alongside Texas Adoption Resource Exchange (TARE), numerous Child Placement Agencies (CPA’s) and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) in order to connect children ready for adoption with loving permanent families.


Samantha Batten Crumrine




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