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Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting

December 1, 2014

Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting

It Ended Up Being a Full House When It Started

Frac Sand Issue Lingers...

ZBA Board Meeting - December 1st

The news media had spread the word that no decision would be made at the December Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting, but the crowds still came.  They wanted their objection to be seen, since it could not be heard at the meeting.  Their frustration was heard as they reacted to the proceedings and sometimes bizarre explanations of what they (the ZBA board members) could and could not do was being explained to them by the City Attorney.  There were moments when the crowd actually chuckled at some of those explanations.  


Yes - it was a different meeting.  Yes - they had never had such a crowd at any of their other meetings before. Yes - there was a sense of the grave importance of their positions as never before felt.  Truly - we witnessed what seemed like "on the job training (coaching)."


Several people have submitted articles about their experience at this meeting: Ken Casper, Ann West, and Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer.  Click on their photos to read.  Also provided is the video we shot at the meeting.

Ken Casper

True Grit

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