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Sand pouring down side of truck from hole in feeder shoot!  Photo from Transloading Site on Hughes Street.

Raw unedited footage.  Short - rough - and while moving. Video shot on Hughes Street - Pinnacle Sand Operation

Democrats and Republicans Unite!

Amazing What Frac Sand Can Do To Traditional Opponents




Don't Mess With Our City's Beauty!


Don't Mess With Our Children's Health!


Don't Mess With Our Beautiful Downtown River's Entrance!


Don't Mess With Our Air!


Don't Mess With Our Travel Routes and Block Major Streets!


Don't Stir Up The Dust - We Have Enough Of That From Lubbock At Times!




As a former real estate broker, the words that are drilled into your head from day one ring true to this story: location, location, location.  No one seems to be against a man trying to do business and make a living, it's just the LOCATION he chose to do this particular business.


Lee Pfluger must have felt like a lonely sole at the October 21, 2014 City Council Meeting.  He came prepared and presented the members of the City Council with his presentation in a pre-prepared binder for each member and had a slide show presentation for the audience to convince everyone that the current zoning fits his proposed operation.  He wants to install a silica frac sand operation which will transfer silica sand to 40 ton trucks that would transport the sand to the oil fields.


While I try to present myself as a neutral party in City Council meetings, I could not stay seated when Jesse Martinez asked the attendees if they opposed the location of this Frac Sand Transloading location to stand up.  I could not stay seated or neutral.  I rose with the vast majority of those in attendance, joining with them to show support of stopping this operation at this LOCATION. 


I was born here.  I have lived here the vast majority of my 58 years.  I worry about the impact of so many NEW people converging on San Angelo so quickly.  They don't know about our unique city.  They don't have the history or roots here that so many of us do.  We have always welcomed people to move here and love the military that have chosen to retire here, but this fast invasion is challenging what has always made San Angelo - San Angelo! 


Now we are faced with a possible business being placed in the heart of our city that literally could deface the beauty and uniqueness that visitors are drawn to in our city and proposes a multitude of health and safety hazards.  The time has come for everyone to unite to say NO - and unite they have!


People from both sides of "the tracks" are uniting as never before!  They have discovered that they have so many things in common and that together they can accomplish the desired result as they unite.  The homeowners in the barrio and the homeowners in Santa Rita are leading the charge and challenging the City's Planning Department.  The rest of the city's citizens need to fall in behind these brave men and all of us together unite in support of correcting this serious error in zoning before it's too late.


Today, October 31st, Jesse Martinez and H.R. Wardlaw III delivered to the City of San Angelo their appeal to the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA).  Their appeal which is initiated by: Jesse Martinez, Mark Thieman, Dennis Grafa, Chris Cornell, and HR Wardlaw III is attached here, including photos.


Their appeal should be heard by the ZBA on December 1st, at their regular meeting at 1:30 p.m.  I would like encourage everyone to attend and show your support in this courageous and valiant effort to prevent what truly could be a blight not only on the immediate neighborhoods, but to the very heart and spirit of our city.



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