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Lieutenant Governor

Dan Patrick

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

State of Texas

"I'm committed to delivering on what the people of Texas have asked us to accomplish.  However, as a former senator, I clearly understand, and respect the fact that it will be the senators that will achieve those goals and get the credit.


"By the end of the session, the senators will shape the specific public policy to achieve the goals that Texans want; that I want; and I believe the majority of the senate wants.


"The details will be worked out over the next 145 days.  This is the purpose of a session.  It's the prerogative of the members to write the bills and pass the bills.  We have great minds, great ideas, and great insight in our membership on the issues that face Texas.  There will be many approaches to accomplish the goals.  The members will come together to find the right solutions.


"I am counting on the Republicans to lead, and hope that the Democrats will join us in addressing the issues that may of their constituents also feel strongly about as evidenced by the election. Most of the issues I have highlighted should be bi-partisan issues.


"I am here to help guide and assist where I can.  I serve the people of Texas as well as the members of the Senate."


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Press Releases

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1-8-15    Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's Vision for the Texas Senate

               Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick shared his vision for the Texas Senate at a Press Conference, outlining

               the issues he intends to work on during this Legislative Session.                                                                   

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