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Senator Charles Perry

District 28

Senator Charles Perry

Senate District 28

Newly elected Senator Charles Perry has hit the ground running, preparing for the 84th Legislative Session which begins in Janary 2015.  Below are his Press Releases and other information we have obtained.  You'll notice he is strongly focused on cleaning up some of the financial concerns that are in front of us.  


We look forward to working with Sen. Perry, and his office staff, in getting the information out to you on what is happening at the Capitol and coming before the Legislator for a decision.  He has welcomed us to his office at the Capitol and to be available for us as needed on issues.  This should be an exciting Session.  

1-6-15     Senator Charles Perry Files SJR 19 - Rainy Day Fund Bill

                        "The Rainy Day Fund is primarily funded by revenue from oil and natural gas production,"

                        said Senator Charles Perry.  "The amount deposited into the fund is much lower at $50 per

                        barrel than at $100 per barrel.  We need to be cognizant of that and ensure that we have

                        savings in the fund when we truly need it."                                                                                           CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE



12-19-14  Senator Charles Perry Files SB 267 - HUD Bill

            “Accepting federal housing vouchers was never intended to be mandatory,”

                    said Senator Charles Perry. “Businesses should not be forced to partner with

                    a governmental agency that significantly impacts its flexibility and day-to-day

                    operations.”                                                                                                                 CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE


12-11-14   Senator Charles Perry Files SB 237 - UIL Playoff Bill

                    “Current UIL rules allow 50%-74% of football teams to make the playoffs,”

                    said Senator Charles Perry. “We have truly watered down competition to the

                    point that 0-10 and 1-9 teams are able to make the playoffs in some districts.”           CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE


12-8-14   Senator Charles Perry Releases Statement on Farm Bureau Retirement

                        Kenneth Dierschke retires after twelve years of service.                                 CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE


12-3-14   Senator Charles Perry Files SB 199 - Synthetic Drugs

                  SB 199 will add additional known chemicals to the Texas Controlled

                   Substance act and include a controlled substance analogue provision

                   that will act as a 'catch all' for drugs with substantially similar

                   chemical composition or intended to produce substantially similar

                   effects.                                                                                                                    CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE


11-20-14  Senator Charles Perry Statement on 'Executive Amensty'

                  "Voters should choose their leaders, leaders shouldn't choose their voters."  CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE


11-17-14  Senator Charles Perry Files SB 185 - Sanctuary Cities

                  "Estimates indicate an upwards of 4.5 million illegal immigrant adults

                 with children, roughly the equivalent of the population of Louisana,

                 would be allowed to stay if the President goes through with his proposed

                 plan"                                                                                                                         CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE


11-12-14  Senator Charles Perry Files SB 179 - Eliminate Cumbersome CHL Requirement

                  "This bill allows for individuals looking to carry a smaller caliber weapon

                 the flexibility to practice and test on the weapon they will actually be

                 carrying day-to-day."                                                                                             CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE


11-10-14  Senator Charles Perry Files First Bills as a State Senator

                   SJR 11 & SB 137 - Cap on State Government Spending

                  SB 136 - State Agency's budget to start at zero

                  SB 138 - Phasing out Franchise Tax

                  SJR 12 & SB 139 - Eliminate diversions from the state highway fund to DPS

                  SB 140 - State Tax-exemption for agricultural equipment to GPS services

                  used by farmer                                                                                                     CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE


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