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Chloe and Carrol Hill

The Hill's have a story...

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Carrol and Chloe Hill 

Retired Banker / Retired Special Ed Aide, Housewife told to Kat Rowoldt

God's Word and promises can be an amazing thing to watch unfold right before your eyes.  I personally had the honor and privilege of having witnessed about three years of this story on a weekly basis.  It was such a joy to sit down with Carrol and Chloe the other day to get the full story, both what had happened before God cycled me into Chloe's life and then catch up on all the details after He cycled me out.  I guess you could say that Chloe and I were put together for a "season" in our lives. 

​As we wrapped up the time together of them sharing the story and me taking notes, we shot a quick photo in the back yard before I left. I will always remember my thoughts as I was walking back to my car that day.  I felt like I had just spent time with someone who had the faith of Noah! 

The faith of Noah!  You don't hear that talked about much and you may not even give Noah and his assignment to build an ark much thought, but you should!  I can't imagine the faith, the unwavering devotion it took, to build a huge ship miles from any water.  The ship was built on dry land because God had told Noah there was going to be a flood one day.  Keep in mind - it had never rained - no, not even once, before the great and mighty flood that eventually came.  And did I mention - it took 120 years to build this huge ship!

Can you imagine all the ridicule Noah and his family received from society over all those years, especially as the years began to roll along?  Yet they remained focused and faithful to the project.  You never once hear of Noah throwing down his hammer and saying that he must have just dreamed up this thing called a flood and that he was sorry he had been so crazy.  Instead, regardless of how things looked outwardly, he knew, that he knew, that he knew - that God was faithful and this huge boat would one day save him, his family, and all the creatures on the earth.

I wanted to share that thought with you before sharing their story, so as you read along you would consider that steadfastness of faith that Chloe stood in day in and day out.  God honors His Word when we take Him at His Word.   ...and so their story begins!


Carrol Hill grew up in San Saba where his dad owned and operated Hill Implement Company. He met Chloe in 1962 and they married June 10, 1966.  They were the first couple to wed in the chapel at the old Park Heights Baptist Church on the corner of Washington and Austin.

Carrol worked at the San Angelo Standard Times in the Classified Ad Department for a couple of years before moving over to banking.  In 1968 he went to work for the First National Bank.  In 1976 he moved over to Westside National Bank, which later became known as Bank of the West.  In 1998, he moved over to Crockett National Bank and then to San Angelo National Bank in 2002 where he remained until his retirement in 2010.

Chloe's focus was on the home and the three boys that would be born into the family: Craig, Clint, and Clark.  Once they were all grown, she became a Special Education Assistant with SAISD in 1993, where she continued until her retirement in 2009.

It was in 1993 when they moved into town from living just outside of town, that they began to realize some things.  Chloe had always been so focused on her boys as they always seemed to be needing special attention.  Carrol had been focused on work, but he too was very focused on his children as well.  When the children were grown and moved out of the house in 1998-99, they discovered they were Two Perfectionists that didn't have much in common anymore.  They had lost their focus on God and on their children.

Thirty-three years of marriage later, Carrol began looking for "greener grass," as he put it.  He began seeing another woman on the side.  In 2002, Carrol decided it was time to move out.  That morning he waited until Chloe had left for work and he began packing up his clothing to leave.  Half way to school, Chloe remembered she had forgotten to put some food out on the counter for an event she would be attending later, and she quickly returned home.  She walked in to find Carrol packing, simply acknowledged the fact with him, put the food out on the counter, and returned to school.

Carrol filed for divorce and it was final in January 2003.  A thirty-six and half year marriage was ended, or so the world thought.  Chloe never signed the divorce papers.  In the state of Texas, one spouse can divorce the other without a signed consent.  Chloe stood totally alone in her faith and her resolve that their marriage would be restored.  It was shortly after the divorce that the Lord brought me into Chloe's life for a season.  We would meet every Friday night at 5:45 p.m. at Outback Steakhouse.  We would enjoy a good dinner, talk, and she would share with me how the Lord was showing her that the marriage would be restored.  We would agree in prayer for the restoration of their marriage, though I know I was the weaker in faith of the two.  I had my doubts - she had her faith.

While Chloe and I were busy having weekly dinners and living our lives, Carrol began experiencing some serious health issues.  By the fall of 2003 he had some serious heart abnormalities showing up. They did an Angiogram and discovered four blockages.   After the Angiogram, Carrol awakened to the news and to discuss what needed to be done.  One of the first things he wanted to do - and did - was to call Chloe and ask her to pray with him.

Carrol ended up with a quadruple bi-pass.   When it was time to leave the hospital, he chose to go home and move in with this other woman and let her care for him during his recovery.  He did, and he stayed, even after his recovery time was up.

Over the next couple of years, Chloe and Carrol would only contact one another when they had to discuss a matter pertaining to one of their children.  2004 and 2005 came and went.  Chloe and I continued to meet weekly for dinner and she would always ask me to pray for Carrol when he was having medical issues, or one of her children, and yes, always for their marriage to be restored.  She never wavered, not even when he was living with the other woman.

Soon after the heart bi-pass surgery, Carrol's lung began to fill with fluid.  This apparently happens in 1% of bi-pass patients, and Carrol was that 1%.  He had to deal with this issue and having that fluid drained off.  Then his eyes began to deteriorate because of diabetes and he had to have his eyes lasered to prevent blindness.

Chloe would hear about the various health issues Carrol was having through the children.  I can remember her commenting at dinner one night that 'you'd think Carrol would realize that his decision to have an affair had opened the door for all these health issues he's having.' It was amazing how they all seemed to start after he moved out and they just kept happening.

​Early in 2006, Carrol came over to Chloe's to discuss one of the children's trust fund.  Carrol remembered Chloe telling him, "If you don't get out of that adulterous relationship the devil is going to kill you."  Those words pierced his soul. Carrol stopped and prayed a prayer of repentance right then and there, in Chloe's living room. That was the moment things began to change.

It was March 2006 (still noted in her Bible), that the Lord gave her Psalm 103:3 NKJV to stand on.  "Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases."

Carrol began seeing Chloe again.  He moved back into his apartment. They took a trip to Ruidoso, NM in August and while there one of his eyes bled out.  They got it repaired and when they returned to San Angelo, they quietly remarried August 27, 2006.  Carrol's health issues didn't stop then.

His other eye bled out shorlty afterwards as a reaction to the other procedure.  That was followed by prostate cancer in 2007.  He had robotic surgery on that in Austin.

The diabetes was still racking heck through Carrol's body.  The issue with his eyes was caused by it and so was a growing kidney disfunction.  Carrol needed a kidney transplant.  When Chloe heard the news, she heard the Lord tell her that she would be his donor. The odds of a spouse being a donor are slim.  There are six markers they look for in a match. 

Chloe was tested to see if she could be a donor.  It was forever before they heard any results.  All other inquiries in seeking a donor were failing.  Suddenly one day the phone rang and they asked Carrol if he and his donor could be at the hospital the following day.  The donor would be Chloe.  Off they headed to San Antonio.

October 2009 - Chloe donated Carrol one of her kidneys.  After it was all said and done, they inquired about how Chloe did on matching up with Carrol on those six markers.  They pulled the chart and looked. Chloe only matched on one.  Just the blood!  Chloe has the universal blood type that can be donated to anyone.  Carrol is A positive!

Today you can see from the picture above that they are beaming with restored health, a restored marriage, and even their children's health is being restored.  Carrol commented on the importance of repenting, forgiving, and then receiving forgiveness.  That is what it takes for things to be restored.

Because of their story of restoration they also minister to couples who are going through challenging times.  Carrol and Chloe have a passion for reaching out to those who are in need and volunteer regularly at their church's food pantry.

I asked Chloe to finish the story from her perspective on things.  She said you have to learn forgiveness and stay in the Word.  When she first sought the Lord over this situation, the Lord gave her the Book of Psalms and told her to Praise Him, Trust Him, and Wait on Him.  That became her strength.  She had purposefully kept everything from their marriage (even through the division of property) so that they would have it when he returned. 

It was hard for her family to fully accept and forgive Carrol.  One day she came home to find Carrol and her Mother both crying.  She didn't have a clue what she had just walked in on, only to learn that they had had a great talk and full restoration of their relationship had occurred. 

Today the changes she sees in Carrol totally blesses Chloe.  It was worth the wait.  It was worth the fight of faith.  It was worth putting it all into God's hands and just trusting Him to restore their marriage. He did. 

Chloe stood alone in so many ways - believing for what so many of the rest of us could only "hope" would happen, but she knew it would.  She was standing on the Word - taking Him at His Word.

She begins her daily prayers still to this day with Psalm 118:24, "This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it."

May the next 36 years be the best years ever!  Love you both!

.......Kat Rowoldt

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