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San Angelo TEA Party Meeting Honoring Veterans



by Kat Rowoldt

In the midst of football games, upcoming elections, United Nations diplomacy, and life in general, behind a set of double doors on the 7th floor of the Dallas County Courthouse, in the 162nd District Courtroom, a trial was quietly held in September that would last two weeks. On trial was TRUTH.

Unbeknownst to me, the date for this trial had been set. I had totally forgotten about the issue, would have even assumed it had been dismissed or settled. But suddenly, I received an email alerting me, and countless others, to the pending date and critical needs at hand.

Former Minnesota Hennepin County Sheriff, Richard Stanek, had filed suit against John Guandolo, President of Understanding the Threat, and UTT itself, for damages sustained from a fist-a-cuff brawl that happened in June of 2017 in Nevada between the two men while they were attending the National Sheriffs' Association Convention. Guandolo, who chose not to file a suit when it first occurred, ended up counter suing after Stanek's suit was filed later that year.


San Angelo TEA Party

presents a special

Veterans Day Program

The monthly meeting of the San Angelo TEA Party will be held on Tuesday, November 12th at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm at West Texas Training Center (Howard College Campus), 3501 US Hwy 67 North. The SATP has great affection and respect for our military. America owes these brave men and women a deft that can never be repaid. Retired Air Force veterans Lt. Col. John Muckleroy and Col. Michael Rader will present a special program to honor our military and commemorate Veterans Day. Join us as we revisit the history and traditions of this holiday.

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