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by Kat Rowoldt

We are living in times like never before. Our country seems more divided then ever. The stress level elevates when we turn on the news and listen to the friction and divisiveness between the political parties. Times are brutal. Savage acts have desensitized us. Morality is a "taboo" concept. Surely the days of Sodom and Gomorrah have returned.

  • We are living in possibly the best economic and financial economy in history, yet the Democrats want to impeach the man who is creating the boom.

  • The Democrat Party no longer exists. Suddenly it morphed into a Socialist/Communist party, promising everything for FREE, ignoring the historical facts about how this type of government kills and destroys a society.

  • Autism is destroying the future generations, yet we don't look at the cause and pull the plug. When a society goes from 5 childhood vaccines to over 200, and countless healthy children suddenly are altered forever because of an injection, becoming autistic by the age of two, "Houston, we have a problem!"


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