This Issue's Highlights

Amber Elkins Testifies to Her Husband's Miraculous Recovery from Covid
Martha Dusek Testifies After Receiving Infiniti Stem Cell Therapy
Pastor Kathy Burden's Hormones, Cholesterol and even a Scar are Healed/ing
Tom Thomas' Vertigo and Leg Pain are Gone
Rito Llamas Updates Us As He Leaves Parkinson's Behind
Othann Warner's Post Covid Heart, Pulse, & Enzymes are Restored
San Angelo's & Frisco's Infiniti Stem Cell Meeting
Amber Elkin's husband, Clay, had asthma before he got Covid. Infiniti Stem Cells helped him recover from Covid lung and foot, restored his hands from arthritis, and so much more. 
Martha Dusek was suffering with thinning cartilage, two bone spurs and arthritis in her knee which was destroying her ability to walk. Patiently, and not so patiently, she endured and now about four months out she is 95% pain free and awaiting being totally pain free.
Pastor Kathy Burden blew me away with her testimony. Not only had her hormone condition radically changed and softened her hair, but a nine inch abdominal scar of 40 years has disappeared, but now her Cholesterol has dropped 40 points and she is thrilled. She is only two months out.

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Tom Thomas no longer has to deal with vertigo since he received stem cells two years ago. His balance is fully restored. He decided to do another round of stem cells as a preventative for cancer or other issues. This time he discovered his leg pain is now gone and he can enjoy golf and long walks with his dog. He believes this is the best investment to save money on not having to go to a retirement center to live.
Othann Warner had some lasting affects from Covid. Her pulse was elevated above 100, her heart developed a flutter/heart fib and liver enzymes were above normal. They wanted to do a heart ablation on her. She decided to try Infiniti Cells first. She made the right choice. Pulse is now in the 70's, heart is back in normal rhythm, and her liver enzymes are where they should be now.
Rito Llamas is thrilled that his Parkinson's is going away. This update now shows he can once again snap his fingers, his tremors are less frequent and not as strong, he is feeling good and his neuropathy is gone! He will have another update for us as he is awaiting the results from some medical tests. He is just now three months out from receiving his cells.

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Rito Llamas received Infiniti Stem Cells 3 weeks ago on the advice of his pastors. He had been suffering from Parkinson's for about ten years. I met him today, three weeks after receiving his cells. He came to one of my presentations to learn more about the cells he had received. I interviewed him at the end of the meeting and was amazed at the story he had to share. His vision had greatly improved, cataracts are virtually gone, his glaucoma issues are gone, and injury from a botched eye surgery is gone. His tremors from the Parkinson's are already 80-90% gone. Wow! Only 3 weeks!
This matriarch of the Republican party is such a doll. At 90+ years of age, Juandelle Lacy-Roberts is a force to be reckoned with in politics. She received her Infiniti Stem Cells at the end of May of 2021. About 4-5 days later she realized the neuropathy which had been troubling her for such a long time just wasn't there. She kept waiting for it to return. Surprised, and very pleased, three months later it still has not returned. She can hardly believe it was that simple. She is a big proponent of Infiniti Stem Cells and recommends them to everyone.
Bob Fu, President of, attended one of my presentations in Midland. He was excited to get stem cells for himself and also decided to get Infiniti Cells for his mother-in-law too. Bob's schedule prevented him from getting his as scheduled, but they went to his Mother-in-law's home and gave her the cells there. One week later he stopped by my presentation to give a huge report. His Mother-in-law who had been in Hospice and near death has had a complete reversal and is no longer in Hospice and back to enjoying life once again. 
HER COFFEE STARTLED HER! Karen had not had the sense of smell or taste for over 25 years when she got Infiniti Stem Cells. 4-5 days after she received them while making coffee, she jumped when she suddenly could smell coffee once again. She also no longer wears her hearing aids, knee issue cleared up, bladder leakage is totally gone, and even her neuropathy which was so painful is virtually gone. She can now go to bed without socks and can walk barefooted. Wow!
Gilda Wilkinson had shoulder issues which made driving a car difficult. She also had very sensitive teeth, so much so, the dentist had to deaden her gums to even get her teeth cleaned. What a thrill to be able to have your teeth cleaned without the hassle of deadening them. Plus, she just returned from a majorly long road trip to see family and she was able to drive the whole way without her typical pain in her shoulders.


Below are stories of being sent home to die with cancer, H-Pylori infection, detached rotator cuff, macular generation, etc.
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SENT HOME TO DIE. I'll never forget the night her husband called me to ask about stem cells. 4th diagnosis with cancer, but this time it was inoperable or even treatable. Bitsy Kirby was sent home to die. Her lung cancer was very close to taking her away. She was able to get Infiniti Stem Cells just in time, and is now over 2 years cancer free - 4 PET scans later - totally clear of cancer. She is such a precious woman and tells everyone about these cells.
Pastor Cam Ohlemacher, 6 foot tall, 200 pound man, began losing weight in January 2020. By the end of May he was down to around 120+ pounds, wasting away, unable to retain any nourishment and at the point of death. He got Infiniti Stem Cells and within minutes his tremors stopped, he slept 11 hours straight, got up hungry and ate food that stayed with him. They finally diagnosed he had H-Pylori, an infection that prevented his body from absorbing any nutrition.
Esther Sausedo was a woman in pain and that was affecting every aspect of her life. She received Infiniti Cells prior to moving from San Antonio to San Angelo. She had such a burst of energy which really helped with packing all of the boxes, being able to move around pain free, and handle the whole experience. Today she enjoys a pain-free life and talks to everyone about doing the same thing. Those Infiniti Stem Cells really work!
Al Harris was simply miserable. He had a totally detached rotator cuff and an ankle that was pretty shattered. He was in a lot of pain. He thought this was "snake oil" and wanted nothing to do with it. His brother-in-law ended up paying for his cells after a lot of prodding. Today Al is a happy man. Miraculously those Infiniti Stem Cells somehow completely reattached his rotator cuff and healed his ankle. Today he is pain free and thankful his brother-in-law insisted he do this.
Dorothy Mackey, who was 92 at the time, wanted her son to get these stem cells for his cancer, but he wanted his momma to do it first. After several months of delay, she got them and immediately reported her depression was gone, her macular degeneration had cleared up, and her energy level was greatly improved. Finally, her son got some too. He no longer has cancer. Infiniti Stem Cells are amazing. While we can't say where or what they will do, they always find exactly where they need to go and what they should do.
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