This Week's Highlights

President Trump's Accomplishments by the FRC
Video - #WeAreBobFu Event in Midland, Texas
Post Event Interview with Rev. Dave Welch
Post Event Interview with Jane Jen
We Just Don't Get It!
False Flag Operation - Ordered to Kill
Interview with Bob Fu
Interview with Pastor Getaneh
Nehemiah School of Government Fundraiser Event

An Outstanding Record

The Family Research Council did an outstanding job of pulling together an amazing compilation of President Donald J. Trump's accomplishments as president to date. While this is roughly one month old, there are accomplishments yet to list and possibly a few that may have been missed. But WOW! Just Wow!


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#WeAreBobFu Prayer Rally

A powerful event that touched deeply the hearts of Christians in attendance. Such a windy day in Midland, but the hearts of those who personally knew the value of freedom stood even strong.

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Interview with Rev. Dave Welch

Pastor Dave Welch's name became known when the mayor of Houston in 2014 subpoenaed the pastor's sermons and notes. This interview was backstage after the #WeAreBobFu event concluded which he was the keynote speaker.

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Interview with Jane Jen

I wish I had more time to talk further with Jane Jen about the brainwashing she mentioned in regard to the Communist Chinese Party, the normal mindset, in China. Post event fast interview.

We Just Don't Get It!

by Kat Rowoldt

[This is the second article dealing with the persecution of a fellow Christian brother here in Texas by the CCP.]

I headed back to Midland this past week to attend a #WeAreBobFu rally. I wasn't sure what to expect. It was anticipated the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would make an appearance to expand their protest against Bob Fu. There was obvious concerns for safety reasons since Miles (Kowk) Guo has a bounty on Bob Fu's head. Surely, Bob would not be there since he is in protective custody, along with his family. All I really knew was the event was going to be held outside in an Amphitheater and Pastor Dave Welch was flying in from Houston to represent his organization which is standing with Bob. 

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False Flag Operation...

...Ordered to Kill...

By Kat Rowoldt

A little over a month ago, I was asked to emcee an upcoming fundraiser in Midland, Texas for the Nehemiah School of Government. I was honored to be asked to be a part of this event, never dreaming that it would be enveloped in the midst of an international operation with one of the guest speakers becoming the target of not only protestors but being placed on an actual kill list, along with three others. Who would have ever dreamed a little oil town in west Texas would be on the radar of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Our country has truly been infiltrated with trojan horses while we were all busy enjoying life and not paying attention. It's way past time to wake up!


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