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Article 8
Hoodwinked or Transparent
Article 7
Pride, Purpose, Professionalism
Article 6
Why the Games? Why the Retaliation? Why Does Truth, or lack thereof, Matter?
Article 5
"Chief of Police Race Continues"
Article 4
"Stray Bullets"
Article 3
Update on FOIA Request
Article 2
Who's Not Telling The Truth?
Article 1
SAN ANGELO, TEXAS    (below)
  • Lt. Chris Cimino
  • Sgt. Travis Griffith
  • Lt. Mike Hernandez

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3 Men - 1 Position
Three Candidates for San Angelo Chief of Police

3 Men – 1 Position

The Three Candidates for Chief of Police

by Kat Rowoldt

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San Angeloans hold that unique title of being the only remaining city in Texas which actually allows the citizens to elect their Chief of Police instead of handing that power over to their City Council. Personally, I am so glad we still hold on to that privilege.


One of the challenges in today’s society, especially in politics, is the “Good Ole Boy” club and small-town way of voting people into office. We tend to vote for people because we know them, go to church with them, or who’s related to them, the favors they could do for us, and having met them at a function they seemed “real nice.” Someone being nice has absolutely nothing to do with them being the best person for the position they are running for or that being a standard of qualification for the job. Yet – I have watched people vote this way over and over again. Yeppers! Voters feed the good ole boy way of doing politics.


Eight years ago, I was very involved in the Chief of Police race. This year, working out of town and out of state, I was suddenly made aware of the race at hand and the candidates who were in the race. John (my husband) and I suddenly realized we were a split ticket household. We both knew Hernandez and Griffith, and neither of us knew Cimino. As I inquired of friends who were attending the various forums for the candidates, I learned quickly that Cimino was also an impressive candidate.


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