This Week's Highlights

San Angelo School Board Candidates
   Chris Giroux - SMD 1
   Bill Dendle - Re-election SMD 1
   Debbie Cross - SMD 3
   Taylor Kingman - Re-election SMD 3
   Lynette Lucas - SMD 4
   Ami Mizell-Flint - Re-election SMD 4
Dinner on Us - Stem Cell Educational Meeting

We have 3 contested races for School Board Trustees this election. One race had no opponent, Lupito Arroyo, and she will automatically be placed on the School Board without being on the ballot. Art Hernandez chose not to run for re-election.


I asked each of the candidates in these races exactly the same questions so you can best decide which one will represent you best if you happen to live in one of the SMD's which is up for election this term. All 6 of the candidates for the School Board are in this edition. One candidate who will appear on the ballot has decided to drop out due to personal reasons and submitted a letter to me to share with you. You will find it below. 


With the school board candidates, I am posting the challenger first, followed by the current board trustee. Please take the time to listen to the interviews which affect your district and become an informed voter before you go to the polls.


CHRIS GIROUX owns a local electrical company and is challenging Bill Dendle for his seat on the school board. CLICK ON THE VIDEO to hear his interview.

BILL DENDLE owns a local plumbing supply company and is running for re-election. He has currently served about 10 years. Click on the video to hear his interview.


DEBBIE CROSS is a semi-retired beauty salon owner who is vying for the seat currently held by Dr. Kingman. To hear her interview, click the video above.

"I want to thank you all for the support you have given me during this campaign. It is truly a privilege to share this community with you.

When I filed to run for school board, I knew that it was going to be an uphill battle. I am the youngest person in the race, I do not have a background in politics, and I am not as well funded as other candidates. I thought that I would be able to plan ways to overcome these obstacles. As the saying goes - life is what happens while we're busy making plans.

This past weekend, life happened. Saturday, we laid a dear friend of mine to rest. While my grief was still fresh, I received word on Sunday that a family member had suffered a fatal heart attack. I have spent the past two days grappling with how I was going to balance grieving with my loved ones while entering the busiest month of the campaign leading up to election day.

While it was always my intention to see this race to the end, I have ultimately made the decision that it would be unfair to my loved ones and to this community to give each only half of my attention. Today, I will file to withdraw my candidacy from the school board election. My name will still appear on the ballot, but any outcome resulting in my victory will not be valid. At this time, I will be spending time with my family and loved ones as we process these recent losses.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support. It truly has been an honor."

Collyn Neal Glaspie

Former Candidate School Board, SMD 3

Candidates for SMD 6

TAYLOR KINGMAN is a local urologist who is completing his first term on the school board. To hear his interview, please click the video above.


LYNETTE LUCAS is local photographer contending for the school board seat currently held by Ami Flint. To hear her interview, click the video above.

Candidates for SMD 2

Mercedes Sanchez Canceled.jpg
Candidates for Mayor

AMI MIZELL-FLINT is locally employed and completing her second full term on the board. To hear her interview, please click the video above.


For More Information, please call 325-716-9190.